Why Wyvern-VA?

You Need the Best

What sets me apart from other virtual assistant services? I consistently deliver the tools necessary for you to achieve a finely tuned work-life balance, and I make it my mission to help you stay focused.

My Story

In life we are asked what we want to do in life, what career we wish to follow, this is something that some of us struggle with for many years. I was one of those people, until I decided to become a Virtual Assistant (VA). I made this decision after doing those career questionnaires and the results came back with administrative roles such as company secretary. This made sense as my dream job would be the personal secretary to the monarch.

Since leaving school in 2003 I have been in several roles that allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience. This experience has been gathered from retail, call centres, facilities, tourism, hospitality, and events. In all these roles I always did those tasks that others did not want to do; admin, back-office tasks, etc.

Driven by experience

In 2016 I started an academic journey at Cardiff Metropolitan University starting on a foundation course leading to doing a degree in event management. During that time, I wrote/prepared essays, reports, presentations, posters as well as designing and organising events. All of which required desk research on both academic, marketing and event sources ranging from crisis management, venue design and layout, logistics and health & safety. This brings us to now, planning and starting a business which has its own administrative requirements.

This history shows just how enthusiastic I am towards providing administrative and business support, doing those tasks that others hate, allowing more time and energy in doing the things they enjoy in their business and to help businesses flow and grow effectively.

Customer Service

Including empathy, problem-solving, reliability and customer focused.

Health & Safety

Including risk assessments, fire safety and crisis management.


Knowledge of laws such as Equality Act 2010, Data Protection Act 2018, and Licencing Act 2003.

Computer Skills

Including various software used for finance, presentations, CAD, and Microsoft Office products.

Time Management

Including Gantt charts and other tools to ensure we bill only for time worked on your projects and that work is delivered according to needs.


Knowledge and skills in most aspects of hospitality, including holding a personal licence.

Management Skills

Including both personnel and project management.

Transferable Skills

Such as analytical, communication, teamwork, creativity and organisational.

Company info

Wyvern Virtual Assistant Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, company registration No. 12947623